Rolly Gold Round Cushion


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Rolly Gold Round Cushion

An exciting addition to the Ragged Rose collection is our brightly coloured gold round cushion or can be used as a seat pad.

Round garden cushions are rare to find these days. However, if you have circular furniture, your problems are solved here at Ragged Rose! The Rolly Gold round cushion is made from 100% cotton. It measures 40cm in diameter. This means it should fit most standard size chairs for the garden.

The Rolly Golden Yellow Circular Seat Pad would also look great in your kitchen or conservatory. The Rolly could also be used as a decorative cushion to brighten up any living space.

Add a touch of summer and turn your kitchen or conservatory into a vibrant environment with our funky looking Rolly Golden Yellow Circular Seat Pad. This cute and comfortable seat pad is glorious gold in colour. It has our traditional Ragged Rose print trim around the edges. The material is 100% cotton with a flame retardant polyester filling.

As with the majority of products from Ragged Rose, you can easily clean your Rolly Golden Yellow Circular Seat Pad. Just hand wash or use a low temperature wool wash cycle. This needs to have a very slow spin to ensure filling doesn’t change shape. Once washed, it’s best to find a suitable flat surface to dry out.

Our aim is to make it easy to contrast and co-ordinate the accessories you buy from Ragged Rose. This is why you’ll find a selection of matching items available in each range.

You could combine your Rolly Golden Yellow Circular Seat Pad with one of our comfortable Jess Floor Cushions or Paddy Seat Pads.  Complete the look of summer with our Billy BBQ Aprons and Maggie BBQ Gold Striped Oven Gloves.

  • 100% cotton
  • Flame retardant polyester filling
  • Size 40cm in diameter
  • Fits most standard size patio chairs
  • Machine washable – use cool wool wash and slow spin setting
  • Matching items available

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  1. Thank you so much for the excellent service I received when I ordered these beautiful cushions. They were exactly what I was looking for. Thanks once again for all your help.
    Carol, from Scotland

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