Billy PVC Garden Apron White

Billy PVC Garden Apron White


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Billy PVC Garden Apron White

Keep your clothes looking pristine whilst doing odd jobs around the house and garden by wearing our Billy PVC Garden Apron White.

This beautiful apron is made from 100% coated cotton so very easy to keep clean. The design features our unique pink ragged roses scattered upon a white background. Other pink and white tones have been used on the flowers to make them stand out. The leaves are dark green in colour.

To contrast with the floral design of the Billy PVC Garden Apron White, the neck and waist ties are plain in colour using our signature fuchsia pink. The trim of the front pocket is also fuchsia pink to make it easy to find. The neck strap is adjustable so it should fit comfortably when worn.

A handy front pocket has been added to the Billy PVC Garden Apron White so you can keep your personal items within easy reach. This front pocket isn’t huge in size but is perfect for storing your mobile phone, iPod, keys, etc.

The material for the apron has been coated in PVC so if it should get dirty, all you need is a damp cloth to wipe clean. Unfortunately, due to the material used to make the Billy PVC Garden Apron White, it is not suitable for a machine wash. The coated cotton means that this apron is perfect to wear for jobs around the house or outside in the garden.

Our signature pink Ragged Rose print is such a popular choice that we have produced an entire range of products for this collection. We have made it very easy for you to find matching items in this fuchsia pink colourway so you can have other homeware accessories featuring this gorgeous design.

If you’re working out in the garden, protect your knees with our Nelly PVC Garden Kneeler White that also makes a great gift idea for someone with green fingers! Keep all your tools together or store away your cleaning products in our beautiful Trudy PVC White Garden Trug Bag. Turn your boudoir into a floral paradise with the Dulcie Double Duvet Set Pink White Roses and why not add a touch of colour to your dining area with our Tessa Tablecloth White Pink Rose?

  • 100% coated cotton
  • Easy wipe clean
  • Not suitable for machine wash
  • Handy waist ties to fit most sizes
  • Adjustable neck strap
  • Useful front pocket for small personal items
  • Pink and floral
  • Matching items available

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